There are many different lawn mower options out there. But what makes the expensive commercial lawn mowers that much better than residential lawn mowers?

1. Build Quality – Commercial lawn mowers are more expensive for a reason. They use higher quality and more durable parts. This allows for a more consistent cut across your entire lawn when your hydraulics holding your grass cutting deck are more responsive to bumps in your yard.

2. Cutting Decks – The cutting decks on commercial lawn mowers are made of a high gauge steel. This enhances the safety of commercial lawn mowers and allows manufacturers to crank up their blade speeds. Higher blade speeds expel more grass from your lawn mower and reduce grass clumping in your yard.

3. Engine Power – The engine on a commercial lawn mower does more than just power the wheels. They also power your cutting blades. The faster your blades spin, the more consistent the grass cutting is across your entire lawn. This reduces high spots and allows for a cleaner cut.

With the price of commercial lawn mowers being so much higher than residential lawn mowers they’re not feasible for most homes. In order to get the benefits of these mowers on your lawn and be the envy of the neighborhood, it’s best to bring in a professional with the right grass cutting equipment. With the fertile soil of Cincinnati and the speed at which grass grows here, it’s paramount that your lawn remains consistent throughout the entire grass cutting season.