You will find some benefits of hiring a professional for grass cutting in some of our previous posts, but there are many more reasons we haven’t yet shared.

First off, a professional knows all about your lawn. What height to cut at, what type of grass you have, how to limit weeds from taking over your lawn, and when the best time to cut is. All of these variables change based on your location. In the South, cutting seasons are longer, grass dries out easier, and the grass cutting is more consistent. Here in Cincinnati, Ohio our grass cutting season is a mid range length but with many varying temperatures and rain. We can have hot droughts in the summer and week long rainfalls in the Spring. The speed of growth changes which changes the cutting heights, the wetness or dryness of the lawn changes frequently and often requires commercial lawn mowers with wider and softer tires to keep from harming your yard.

A professional also knows at what cycle of the grass fertilization process your lawn should be cut. Proper cutting techniques, timing, and knowledge of growth patterns are all things that professionals know and help to create a full and healthy lawn.