Grass cutting is one consistency in the summer for us in Cincinnati, Ohio.  One may ask what the importance of regular lawn cutting would be?  The way I look at lawn cutting there are two main reasons for regular cuttings, the first being Ascetics of a nice cut lawn, the other would be the health of the grass.  I would like to talk about why both reasons should be important to proper lawncare.

Grass cutting is a three season chore for most in Cincinnati, Ohio.  When you come home from work, have a nice outside gathering of friends, or just want to admire the great outdoors from your patio or porch the first thing you will notice if you have not had a recent lawn cutting would be the shaggy unkept look of it.  If you have regular lawn cutting service then you will never have to see this.  A properly cut lawn is very pleasant to your eye. Regular grass cutting will keep your lawn even, short, and neat, no one wants to have the “ugly lawn on the street”.

Grass Health is the secret to a nice full green lawn.  In a yard, grass grows my nutrients and water gathered from the soil. Proper lawn cutting helps in distributing those nutrients and water to make your lawn more uniform in color and length.  One big secret to lawncare is consistency, proper lawn cutting and lawncare make a yard look great or just another lawn.

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