Believe it or not, there’s actually no concrete answer to what height you should cut your grass. There are many variables involved, including what season it is, what type of grass you have, and whether or not the grass is in the shade or in the sun.

Since we’re from Cincinnati, I will make this article about cutting height for Cincinnati, Ohio. Ohio lawns almost always have Kentucky Bluegrass, with some grass being perennial ryegrass. For perspective, almost every golf course in Cincinnati uses bent grass, which can be cut all the way down to 1/2” and still be healthy. Kentucky Bluegrass and perennial ryegrass on the other hand thrives between 1.5” and 2.5”. Any higher than 2.5” and you’re impeding the ability for your Kentucky Bluegrass to grow and it yields to a higher grass like tall fescue.

Most people cut their grass the same height all the way across their lawn. Believe it or not, that’s actually not the best for the health of your lawn. During the summer, Shaded areas should be cut at 2”, while sunny areas should be cut to 1.5”. Both are on the lower end of the cutting scale. This is to help remove dead blades of grass.

In the Spring and Fall, you should cut your grass on the higher end of the scale. Sunny areas should be 2” while shaded areas thrive best at 2.5”. Below you will find a chart of the Grass type and mowing height. Keep in mind that in Cincinnati or in Ohio in general, you are more than likely to have Kentucky Bluegrass.