In Cincinnati Ohio one would ask, “ How often should I have my lawn cut?”  Lawncare varies all around the United States. For where we live lawn cutting happens in spring summer and fall.  The proper answer is not time but length of grass.  Depending on rain, time of year, and type of grass you have.  In the spring you man need more lawn cutting than in the summer when its dryer.

The length of grass is very important to a healthy plush looking lawn.  if the grass is cut too short it will look more yellow or dull, if its too long it will look uneven and unkept.  there is a science to making a lawncare look its best and getting it to optimal length.  if its too long you have to gradually reduce it because removing more than one third of its length at a time can put the grass into a shock state so to speak.

Many factors go into seasons and length for water saturation and draught seasons to keep a lawn healthy.  someone wanting to do this themselves can spend hours researching the art of a properly manicured lawn, but a professional has the art down of lawncare and can typically look at your lawn and see what you need and why.  the answer to Cincinnati Ohio’s grass cutting schedule is it depends on the week sometimes it may be once a week while later it may only need it every other week.  proper cutting depends on your soil type grass type amount of rain and a trained professional can always assist in getting optimal growth and cutting for each lawn in the area.